I'm often asked what has been the best yacht I have surveyed ? That one is hard to answer as they are all different. One that does stick in the mind is the Supermaxi  ex (Konica Minolta - Zana - Lahana) now known as Rio 100 designed by Brett Bakewell-White. I was requested to carry out a pre-purchase survey and sea trials when she was known  as Zana - Lahana. The pre-purchase survey was carried out along with inspecting the containers and workshops that comes with such a yacht. The sea trial was great , 20 crew and touching  20+ knots.   

In 2014 Lahana was shipped to Cookson’s Yachts in New Zealand for a complete refit.

Brett Bakewell-White  modernized the design. The Aft half of the boat which contained the water ballasts was completely removed along with keel, boom, bowsprit, wheels, rudders, engine and all  interiors. The yacht’s water ballast was removed by cutting off the back 50 foot section and a new wider, longer stern has made it six to seven tons lighter than when it was as Zana -Lahana. The transformation is stunning and is a credit to all involved.

G H Connor