Arcona 465 Carbon

Frederic Barth

I am very happy to have found Graham from Harwood Marine Surveys for the pre-purchase survey of an Arcona 465 carbon with carbon hull and spars. Although the boat was of recent construction (2015), it had been intensively raced, so I wanted a thorough check by someone experienced with carbon structures, which is what led me to contact Graham. He offered a complete and competitively priced package including sea survey, engine oil analysis, and valuation. All the services were provided in the agreed timeframe (winds of 35 knots did not hamper the sea trials with thermography under load!), with a clear, concise, and well illustrated report. Thanks to his in-depth knowledge and experience together with the advanced techniques he applies, Graham provides a clear judgement of issues and positively attests of safety, allowing to move forward with confidence. After the survey, he remained fully available for questions and advice. This was again very useful for making cost saving decisions. I warmly recommend Graham.


Sweden 54 Carbon

Yoshi Yoshi

I was looking for a surveyor for a pre-purchase survey and sea trial for a Sweden 54 Carbon. I found and contacted Graham of Harwood Marine Surveys. Graham did a great job, answered all my questions and supported me perfectly in all aspects of the survey, sea trial and repair / maintenance work on the boat. The survey was very comprehensive and included thermography of the hull and all structural parts of the boat, checking of all electronic equipment, rigging (stepping up the mast) and the machinery. To identify any problems with the engine, generator and hydraulics Graham obtained oil analysis to see what was going on inside (to be honest I never heard of that before). During the sea trial all the equipment was tested again, the rigging and a second thermography of all ‘high stress’ areas under load was done. Finally, I’m very happy that the boat performed well and was in perfect condition. Thanks to the extensive survey I bought the boat with good confidence. There were different things to organize after the closing and Graham was still available as a very qualified contact. To make a long story short: 100 % recommendation!

Class 40

Steve Robinson

Graham Connor of Harwood Marine Surveys provided an exceptional service when I asked him to complete a pre-purchase survey of my Pogo 40 in Port Camargue, France. The report was presented on time to the agreed price and was very thorough. Refreshingly it not only identified defects (as expected) but also contained positive feedback on the condition and build quality of the boat and her equipment - very comforting when you are about to part with your life savings!
Graham subsequently joined me for the delivery of the boat from the Med back to the UK, and his knowledge and experience were invaluable during the 2000 nm trip.

Pogo 40

Dale Geddes

I contacted Graham from Harwood Marine Surveys after being recommended by noted Class 40 designer. After speaking with Graham we organised the survey of Bingo a Pogo 40 in Arzon France. He was very easy to deal with, knew his stuff and provided me with a fair, accurate and honest view of her, including NDT testing for piece of mind. I would recommend Graham at Harwood Marine Surveys to anyone looking for a surveyor.

36.41 m Superyacht

Hidde De Bruijn Project Manager

As one of the largest refit projects ever undertaken by Jongert, the project saw a complete overhaul of the yacht . Work included: a new teak deck and paint job, new standing and running rigging, overhauled and partly renewed masts and booms, installation of a new Haman system and a number of interior and exterior modifications.  The hull was also equipped with new wiring, electronic and entertainment systems, new air-conditioning, a new refrigerator and freezer system, plus an up-to-date navigation and communication system. Despite the fact that the yacht is brand new in terms of its technical systems, it was ensured that the looks of the yacht were kept entirely original in order to match the owner’s instructions. 

Before during and after ,Graham carried out sea trials and inspections during the 18 month extensive refit.

Graham has a very wide knowledge on yacht consulting and survey work. Together with his NDT technology and techniques he brings a lot of added value to the end product.